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SAVE THE DATE – Expert Meeting

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The LIFE-REMY project team is pleased to announce the first LIFE-REMY Expert Meeting in Barcelona! The meeting will be on 14th June 2022 in the morning and for the public it will be possible to attend the conference remotely while to favor a gradual return to normality the speakers will be in hybrid mode, some will present live, others remotely.

In the next weeks the link to listen all the interventions live will be provided on this channel.

Object the workshop is to share the early results of REMY project after the first year of work. LIFE-REMY assesses how Emission uncertainty impact air quality modelling and offers a set of modelling/observed case studies to support the implementation/assessment of guidelines to reduce air quality modelling uncertainties. LIFE-REMY invites experts and stakeholders that can offer interesting outcomes from their ongoing activities and suggest new issues that, to a limited extent, could be assessed by REMY.

The venue for the event will be the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDÆA) – Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) C/Jordi Girona 18-26 Barcelona, Spain.

The Expert Meeting will be from 9.00 to 13.00 and the programme is structured in three sections:

  • Section A, chaired by Fulvio Amato (CSIC), presents the preliminary REMY’s results on the 3 case studies in the cities of Milan, Barcelona and Krakow
  • Section B, chaired by Guido Pirovano (RSE), talks about other ongoing activities/projects
  • Last section, chaired by Philippe Thunis (JRC), is a round table on the REMY project topics with an open debate with the main stakeholder

Here you can find the draft agenda