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On June 7th, Life REMY consortium organised the Second Expert Meeting.

The meeting was organized in three sessions:

A) Results of Life REMY in the middle of the project, chaired by Joanna Strużewska

B) Life REMY related activities and projects, chaired by Federica Ippolito

C)  Round table on Life REMY project topics, chaired by Philippe Thunis

The results of our project were presented during a one-day hybrid event. More than 80 people attended the meeting, mostly remotely connected.

The meeting discussed the effect of emission uncertainty on air quality and policies and the link with the Proposal for a Directive of the EU Parliament and Council on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe.

The meeting was also enriched by contributions from air quality expert presentations and the open debate with stakeholders and local experts from Italy, Spain and Poland.

The enclosed presentations show the efforts that Life REMY project performs to improve air quality modelling.

General overview of the Life VIEW 2050 projectMarta Rosłaniec
Emission uncertainty investigation: pizzerias, domestic heating, resuspension and other sourcesMarco Bedogni
Emission tool: first results and first demo of the prototypeGrzegorz Jeleniewicz
Air quality modelling assessment at regional scale – Po Valley and Milan case studyElena De Angelis (RSE),
Southern Poland – aerosol speciation analysisJoanna Strużewska
Urban scale modelling – Milan case studyFabrizio Ferrari (TERRARIA)
Urban scale modelling – Kraków case studyMarcin Kawka (IEP-NRI)
Guidelines and air quality directiveGiuseppe Maffeis (TERRARIA),
Peter Viaene (VITO)
Comparison of Receptor and Source oriented apportionment: goals and activity in the framework of the CAMEO projectRenske Timmermans
PULVIRUS project: effects of the COVID19 lockdown on air pollution in ItalyMichele Stortini
(ARPAE Emilia Romagna)
Air quality experience of the Life-IP project in the Małopolska regionPiotr Łyczko
(the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Region)
Emission Map comparison LIFE PREPAIR (bottom-up) vs EMEP grid (top-down)Alessandro Marongiu
(ARPA Lombardia)
Central Emission Database for Poland construction and development processKarol Szymankiewicz
(IEP-NRI The National Centre for Emissions Management)
Morphology, structure and size distribution of particulate matter from diesel enginesArkadiusz Moskal
(Warsaw University
of Technology)
Development of the new SOA module in CAMxGreg Yarwood

There was also networking in a less formal setting in a social dinner and an opportunity to see at least part of Warsaw’s old town.