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It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to interact with colleagues at an international level and to align ourselves with regard to advances and ongoing projects in an atmosphere of maximum collaboration and sharing.

This is what happened last week in Athens at the Forum for Air Quality Modeling (FAIRMODE) Technical Meeting.
Giuseppe Maffeis, as project leader, was invited to present the latest results of the Liferemy Eu project (, which focuses on the evaluation of uncertainty in the estimation of pollutant emissions, studying their impact on atmospheric dispersion modelling.
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We would particularly like to thank Philippe ThunisEnrico Pisoni and Guido Pirovano for inviting us.
Thanks also to the valuable contributions of Alain Clappier, Stijn JanssenAlexander de MeijSusana Lopez-AparicioMarc Guevara Vilardell, C. Buens, Alberto González Ortiz, Bertrand BESSAGNET (白禾棠), Kees Cuvelier, Leonor TarrasonMichele StortiniRenske TimmermansAlexandra Monteiro, L. Colombo, Joana Soares, Antonio Piersanti, Fernando Martin, Vera Rodrigues, Matthew Ross-Jones

For more information on FAIRMODE, please visit: