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Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute

The Institute of Environmental Protection has a designation of a National Research Institute (IEP-NRI) in the areas of environmental impact assessment, mitigation, atmospheric and climate modelling, and emission management in Poland.
The Institute is involved in the development of the principles of Polish environmental policy and strategies and participation in international activities.
The Institute is designated as a primary provider in the area of air quality assessments and forecasts (Act of the Parliament of Poland, January 2018). IEP-NRI is responsible on an annual basis for:

  • Air quality assessment including contributions from different activity sectors
  • Assessment of transboundary transport of air pollutants
  • Assessment of representativeness of the air quality monitoring stations
  • Development of the National Air Quality Improvement Plan – assessment of country scale emission reduction scenarios
  • Operational air quality forecast (published daily, alert provided to Government Centre for Security).
    IEP-NRI is involved in the revision process of all local Air Quality Plans submitted by regional authorities to the Ministry of Climate as well as the preparation of guidelines on emission inventory compilation and modelling for Air Quality Plans.
    IEP-NRI supported Ministry of Climate providing modelling of for the National Air Pollution Control Program (implementation of NEC Directive), the impact of electromobility development in Poland as well as joint effect of all regional AQP developed by 2018.
    IEP-NRI contributes to the FAIRMODE activities using the tools developed in the scope of FAIRMODE (DeltaTool, Emission Delta, Composite Mapping, SHERPA, Riat+) and providing data to FAIRMODE actions (Pilot regions).
    IEP-NRI is a partner in the CAMS50 (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, Regional Production) service.
    IEP-NRI has experience and qualifications to assess and develop emission inventories. IEP-NRI acts as the national administrator of the European Union Emissions Trading System and the national GHG reporting under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. IEP-NRI is responsible for the national bottom-up emission inventory.
    Also, the Institute contributes to monitoring programmes EMEP, GAW/WMO, and COMBINE/HELCOM.