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RSE carries out research into the field of electrical energy with special focus on national strategic projects funded through the Fund for Research into Electrical Systems. The activity covers the entire supply system with an application-oriented, experimental and system-based approach. RSE has a unique heritage of human resources, experience and innovation, essential to the continuity and revival of innovation in this important sector for the country RSE activity is shared in 4 Departments, one of these is the Environment and Sustainable Development Department.

Among others, one of main activities of the Department is to perform R&D activities aimed at evaluating the impact and the interaction of the energetic system as well as other anthropogenic pressure factors on the atmosphere, such as: air quality assessment, impact of climate change, renewable energies forecast. The research group has proven experience in carrying on modelling studies aimed at the reconstruction of the air quality, the quantification of the role of different sources (source apportionment), the evaluation of emission reduction policies. Studies are focused mainly on photochemical smog and particulate matter.

Modelling applications have been performed at national, regional and urban scale. Our modelling framework includes both meteorological and chemistry transport models, able to treat a variety of air quality issues including ozone, particulate matter (PM), acid deposition, and air toxics.

Some examples:

  • Urban Air Quality Plan of Milan, Italy (Annex 1 to the Resolution of the Municipal Council of Milan n.1366 of 02/08/2018)
  • Partner of POMI project ( a JRC project to support Lombardy Region in developing air quality plans
  • Subcontractors in the EU projects CItydelta-III; APICE, Common Mediterranean strategy and local practical Actions for the mitigation of Port, Industries and Cities Emissions,, EC4MACS, European Consortium for Modelling of Air Pollution and Climate Strategies, and CAIMAN, Cruise and passenger ship