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TerrAria s.r.l. was born in 1999 in Milan with the aim to join IT (Information Technology) with environmental expertise currently consists of a close-knit and multidisciplinary team of 20 employees with articulated competencies (environmental and energy engineers, IT experts and engineers). TA’s business area:

  • Governance and energy-environmental models: evaluates the interaction between project scenarios or existing facilities and environment, through the implementation of forecasting models and energy-emission environmental balances
  • Software design and development: giving priority to open-source software development, the IT business unit creates multi-platform solutions ad hoc according to customer needs, TA is a leader in developing WebGIS solutions and applications managing DB
  • Research and Development

Relevant projects for the topic:

  • APPRAISAL (FP7 308395), Air Pollution Policies foR Assessment of Integrated Strategies At regional and Local scales, ( aiming to assess the strengths of the different methodologies used by EU Member States for air quality planning, 2013-2015
  • RIAT+ is a regional Integrated Assessment Modelling tool developed during the OPERA Project (LIFE09ENV/IT/000092), Operational Procedure for Emission Reduction Assessment (, 2013; RIAT+ has been applied within
  • PREPAIR (LIFE 15 IPE IT 013) and CLIMAREA (INTERREG ALCOTRA) projects with the aim of evaluating the measures foreseen in the regional plans and in the Po Valley agreement, 2018- 2019.
  • VALUTA project for ARPA Lombardia: RIAT + for the evaluation of the plan measures of the Regional Plan for Air Quality (PRQA), 2014
  • PRQA of the Lazio Region: update of the Air Quality Remediation Plan (PRQA), 2019
  • SHERPA – Screening for High Emission Reduction Potential on Air and SHERPA-City for JRC-IES,, 2015-2018
  • UTAQ,, a CAMS’s use-case funded by ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts), 2018-2020